About us

Company "Stobex" doo Loznica has been founded on September 26th 1990.O nama
Founder and owner is Stojnić Dobrivoje from Loznica.

beton, niskogradnja, betonske cevi, betonski ivičnjaci, betonska baza, ugradnja betona, proizvodnja asfaltaThe company has started providing goods transportation services in road traffic, and then expanded business operations to include: producing separated granulations and ground aggregates, for which we own our own complete facilities (two separations and three grinding machines, two of which are mobile), construction mechanisation services, automated production of asphalt, crude concrete, concrete pipes and roadsides. Production is performed in our own facilities located at Lipnički Šor covering approximately 15 hectares, creating a complete process, from production to final construction works.

The company owns all necessary construction machines (rollers, excavators, loaders, graders, finishers...), as well as a large motor pool of transport vehicles, including mixers for transporting crude concrete, vehicle mounted cranes etc.

All of these products and transport capacities guarantee timely production, delivery and element installation within given deadlines for construction, reconstruction and maintenance:
-hydraulic and civil engineering utilities,
-public roads and road structures,
-city streets -public and private traffic areas,
-storage capacity and access roads
best confirmed by the reference lists of former clients.

Company HQ is in Loznca, Kneza Miloša street no. 15, in a commercial building owned by "Stobex" Loznica. Surface area of the administration building is about 2.500 m2 (eight floors). First floor is rented to PC "Grad" Loznica, third floor is rented to "Urboplan" Loznica, seventh and eighth floors are rented to RTV "Podrinje" Loznica, while the roof section – terraces are rented to "Telekom" Belgrade and "Telenor" Belgrade for antenna placement.

The company also owns:

- Storage area for construction material, coal stalls, gas station with cisterns holding 180 tons of volume, electronic weighbridge with up to 50 tons capacity, office space, a completely stocked vehicle and construction machine repair shop covering about 1 hectare and 25 ares.

- Land parcel of 83 ares in Stara Pazova, maintained with a crude concrete factory, and construction disposal facility, containers fully equipped for employee housing and board, 6.500 litres capacity fuel cistern for the operation of construction machines on the field.

- 1 hectares and 63 ares of land i the cadastre municipality Amajić near M.Zvornik, owned by "Stobeks" and holding a quarry where we performed geodetic research, verified rock reserves of 5.000.000 tons with exploitation timeline of 21 years.

- 20 hectares of land, coastal region of Drina, for exploitation of sand and gravel.